1) Have Fun

While we offer different skill levels in most of our sports, the focus is always on having a good time. We take our fun seriously around here. Anyone can play!...Let us rephrase that, anyone over 18 can play! Most of our players are in their 20's and 30's but there is no age cap. All athletic abilities are welcome too. Did we mention that it's about fun?

2) Team or Individual

You can sign up as either for most programs. Registering as a team means you get to organize your own team with your friends every week and have total control over your roster. Signing up as an individual means we'll place you on a team of other individual registrants. It's a great way to meet new people. You can request to play with any friends that also register as individuals.

3) Leagues, Events & More

We offer a wide variety of activities. All players receive our Player Perks, which include discounts at venues, our recommended bars, and deals on event tickets.

4) Game Locations

Most of our offerings are played at a fixed-location venue. Otherwise your team will play in a few different locations over the course of a season. The reason we lay out such a broad playing area is that venues can change from one season to the next, as well as the fact that sometimes venues are not confirmed until after our registration deadlines. If we have specific game venue information, it will be listed with each program at our Sports Offered page. Otherwise feel free to contact the JAM Sports Team and they will help to answer any questions you may have.

5) It's Free to Sign Up

There are no annual membership fees. You simply pay for the programs you participate in. You pay us if you sign up as an individual, you pay your team captain (who has paid us) if you are part of a team.

6) Variety of Options

To ensure we can offer something for everyone, our programs may be offered in the following formats: Mixed-Gender, Women's, Men's, and Open. The majority of our leagues are mixed-gender and self-officiated. From our experience, this helps promote the fun part, and encourages good sportsmanship. If you really like people in striped shirts, we have some officiated programs too.

7) The Best Tools Available

Are you a fan of technology? We develop our custom software in-house and offer the best team & schedule management software. From registration, to finding players, to help getting to your field, our websites and software have you covered.

8) More Questions?

Check out our FAQ page! If you have further questions please email us or phone us 519-279-4997. Keep playing!