The service we provide is simple. The enjoyment we provide is immeasurable.
Or is it? This is what some of our members have to say about their JAM experience:

"The JAM is one of the best things Toronto has going for it...I know a lot of guys & girls who've moved here from towns where they had a regular game going with their group of friends, and they're pretty happy to find out there's a league offering them a new start. " -- Y.

"Thanks for the 1st class treatment your team showed ours over the past 20 seasons...Your team runs a great, clean and fun league... " -- Kevin

"...I really appreciate the prompt response. You guys are doing way more than other Toronto sports clubs ever say they will. Please pass that along and keep up the good work. " --Mark F.

"Thank you so much for taking my concern seriously and making the change in policy so quickly. " -- A.W.

"The Event Coordinator was expecting us and knew what I was talking about when I asked her. I know it's just a silly ball but I really appreciate you taking the time to follow through and helping us get our ball back. That's why I LOVE the TCJAM: you and your staff are all great to work with! " -- S. Cheng

"I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at JAM for all of your hard work in organizing this league. I have been playing a variety of sports with your league since winter of '99. Since that time, I have played in your basketball, softball and ultimate leagues. Every year they have been very well organized and more importantly very fun to play in. It's absolutely great to be able to play the sports we love and at a level that is fun, yet still competitive. " -- N. Campbell

"We were impressed by how well organized the league is, and pleased by the quick and friendly responses to any inquiries. All of the staff we dealt with were pleasant and enthusiastic. Keep up the good work! Thanks again. " -- Ian

"I recently registered for a cardio Hip Hop class which you offer and I just wanted to let you know I am thoroughly impressed with the JAM experience. Registration was easy and convenient; e-mail correspondence has been informative and greatly appreciated! I am looking forward to the Hip Hop class starting next week. Myself and another lady from the office will be making the commute from Burlington as no comparable program is offered in this region. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! " -- Dawn K.

"...I also really appreciate the genuine customer service. You guys value your customers. The fact that you guys found another team that was looking for players is way above and beyond my expectations. Continue to rock. "-- A.C.

"...I have to add that I think all of you folks are doing a great job. For the five years that I've been a registrant, the JAM has been a class act -- from the coordinators on the ground all the way up through all the administrative levels. " -- John K.